With chosen, positive, powerful words each woman expresses themselves

Her Body Speaks - A project of Empowerment

Women's Bodies Expressing Themselves

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Empowering Expressive Personal

Her Body Speaks creates a rare conversation.

A women's body is as unique as each woman on the planet. She is so expressive, talking silently of age, of culture, of sex, of motherhood, of passion. For 40 years, my photography of women has helped them reveal their beauty, their confidence, their power. For nearly as long, I have been adding body painting to the mix. A sort of next-level expression.

I have followed Dr. Masaru Emoto's research on the effects on water from positive and loving words. His research proved that those words had a profound and beautiful effect on water. With us being something like 85% water, it seemed those words could also have a powerful impact on the body.

Words are written on a woman's body, her words, chosen to reflect her core beliefs, values, and choices could also be an inspiration. To themselves and viewers of the work.

So I created the Her Body Speaks project. We have no filter on the women I photograph, not age, body type, height, culture, ethnicity, and so on. The level of diversity reflects that of the women who have volunteered to be part of the project.

Each woman chooses the words that are painted on her body. She steps onto a seamless white background to be photographed in black and white.

For many doing this is both exciting and terrifying, creating a personal breakthrough moment in the experience.

Richelle Wiseman interviews each woman to get her story behind the word choices, the reasons for being part of the Her Body Speaks project.

Richelle is part of the team that is creating this project. Tracy Falukozi does the body painting and Emily Sobkowicz is doing makeup. We may add to our team as the project reaches into the year.

The will be photographing about 60 women in 2020.

We are planning to create a table book and gallery show from the images. You will be able to advance purchase the book and prints shortly. 

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Like To Be Part of This?

We are taking submissions for women to participate, please email us through the website links. 

What to expect. All this happens in a very safe, warm space with a mostly female team (Mark, your photographer, is male). There will be an interview on your choice of words, your "why" you are doing this, that type of thing. 

The photography is nude with the positioning of limbs and body for modesty. Some may opt for doing some less modest images. Mark directs you for posing so you will look your best, and not feel lost. There is some behind the scenes video and photography. 

There will be some video interviews. A model release is required. 

As the project has evolved, we are thinking, from requests, to create a tabletop book with each woman's images and stories. We are also looking at a gallery showing. This would all take place after the project ends at year-end. 

You would get a digital image to share and cherish. 

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”


“This was such a positive experience. My words reflected my journey, my power.”

Desirae J.

“I am self-driven yet open to all the world wants to give. It was a thrill to speak to the universe in this way!”

Dee M.

“I am a healer, I find joy in every corner. This was an exciting way to express that! ”

Melissa S.

About Mark Laurie

I love creating these images, watching women embrace themselves and their beauty. I have been refining my vision, my craft, my expression of the beauty I see and reveal for over 40 years now. 

It is humbling to be part of a women's interpretation of her self.

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Of course, you should talk to us about your own personal journey images. 

Beyond this project is an exciting photo session that is all about you. We have so many options, with body painting, Shibari artful bondage, water sets and so on. 

You can also explore our more mainstream choices of Nude, Boudoir, Fashion, Expecting. We build sets, provide makeup and hair, posing guidance. 

This is an excellent gift for yourself or someone special. 

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